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Lava Traction.

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

I was sitting at my favorite bar in Friday Harbor, Cease & Desist, drinking one of their many fine beverages on a quiet Saturday night in January, when a friend of mine texted me this screenshot of a Facebook Marketplace advert:

Of course, my immediate thought is that it is too good to be true, but because of one too many beers, I reached out to the seller while sitting at the bar. Yes, it needed a new starter motor and stator. Yes, he bought it from his buddy who was heading into jail for a DUI charge and just wanted to get his initial investment back. Yes, it had been sitting in his backyard for a year undercover, never been touched.

So call it Law of Attraction (Or as Siri calls it "Lava Traction") if you will, but I had just decided that morning to take a month away from house construction and build a bike. And here was a perfect donor bike. I had been thinking to look for an old Ducati S2R 1000 Monster, but the same engine is in the Multistrada, so check off one major box in my requirements.

As I started to think about the Ducati Multistrada I reflected on how much I enjoy riding my Hypermotard. I do love the upright riding style; after many years of being a sportbike rider, it's a joy to be able to see around you easily. So even though I was thinking about doing a cool cafe-racer style custom build-out of an S2R, the thought of doing something slightly outside the normal cafe-racer box stuck in my brain. A deal was struck. Donor bike purchased.

You may have noticed the Tesla Cybertruck which launched late November 2019, and the stir it caused in the automotive community. Love it or hate it, Elon Musk certainly proved once again he is not afraid to break design stereotypes.

I love it. It reminds me of every '80/90's science fiction film where there was some attempt to predict the future of car design. Sure it looks like some crazed version of a Delorean from Back to the Future, but in its simplicity, Elon has essentially taken the cafe-racer mantra of "Function over Form" and pushed that to 100%.

So what does this mean for Wrath? Well, I want to do something similar. Hard edges, flat stainless steel panels, utter simplicity, but still looking like it could roll onto the set of Mad Max and kick everyone's ass.



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