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1967 VW BUS: Besty

I've deliberately not shown my previous custom work. I feel the Seven Deadly Sin Project is going to take me in a completely different direction than previously. The past is no indication of the future. Although "Besty" was an epic project and is worthy of mentioning.

I built "Betsy" last year for a San Francisco bar. It was one of those unique situations where the project appeared out of nowhere. My then girlfriend was working as a executive assistant to a Seattle entrepreneur, and his daughter, one of the partner's of the restaurant sent a photograph of this VW van she had seen in the UK and said "Dad, how can we get this made for us?" Well, being a custom bike builder it wasn't too much of a stretch for me to do the work, and so I created this beautiful vehicle for them.

The concept was to create a self-contained vehicle that they could drive to weddings, corporate events, music festivals, etc., set up, and serve signature cocktails, as well as have three craft beers on tap. The vehicle runs on battery power while working, but also has hook-ups for power and water/waste-water for extended operating times. Betsy holds her own water, both fresh and grey,


so can be located somewhere pristine, like inside a dance hall or conference facility. Even though it's quite a small vehicle there is space enough for two mixologists to work happily side by side. The whole back of the vehicle is refrigerated to keep the kegs and import beers, wines, etc., cold while on location. And there is built-in music and a fabulous blackboard with LED lights to display your cocktail menu. Separate hand wash sink to appease the health code officials, and hot water is generated by an instantaneous propane powered water heater. Everything was custom made to maximize the available space.

Do you have a vision for creating your own Betsy type cocktail van? It doesn't have to be in a classic Volkswagen, we could use any vehicle, although the appeal of some thing vintage does add to the fun factor and curb appeal.

Just to give you an idea of the investment needed, Betsy would cost about $90,000 to recreate, and that includes the cost of the initial vehicle. Let's get talking and build something fun for the summer!

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