A Seven Deadly Sin Motolab Project
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SIN motolabs is a custom fabrication and machine shop specializing in creating uniquely individual contemporary motorcycles. 
It all started with a neglected 1981 Suzuki GS450. Over the course of a cold and dark Pacific Northwest winter, I took this bike apart and rebuilt it piece by piece. From that experience I knew that not only was I a motorcyclist, but one that would forever want to understand the intricacies of these vehicles. Initially self taught then gaining valuable professional experience as a full-time motorcycle mechanic, I took all that wonderful knowledge, my unique ability to create beautiful things, and applied both to building fabulous motorcycles. Thus SIN motolabs was born.​

We don’t limit ourselves to just custom motorcycles; if you need something built that isn’t readily available, we can do it. Years of working in challenging environments around the world have created a CAN-DO mentality, and a level of creativity and inventiveness that allows us to take on jobs others would pass on. 


SIN Motolabs is a fully functional motorcycle repair & service shop, capable of handling all marques and vintages. From classic Hondas to modern Ducatis we can keep your motorcycle in perfect condition. Oil changes to full engine rebuilds; there isn’t anything we won’t work on.


We run Fusion 360 as our preferred CADCAM software and have a Tormach 770 CNC Mill which can handle parts up to 14” x 7.5” x 13.25” in everything from aluminum to specialty plastics. If you have an idea for something, we can model it, optimize the tool paths, and create a one-off custom part. Or make a hundred more of them. With a fully automatic tool changer we have the capacity for 'lights out' machining: Letting the machine work while we sleep.


We recently added to the shop a Langmuir Crossfire CNC Plasma table. With a bed size of 24" x 36" (we can handle larger pieces but this is the effective cutting range for a single operation) and it has the capacity to cut up to 1/2" of sheet steel to a repeatable accuracy of 0.002".


We’ll take your back of an envelope sketch and create your vision, delivering full technical drawings and beautiful renders. Whether that’s a complete motorcycle or a simple widget, we are ready to tackle anything. 


We have anodizing capabilities at SIN motolabs. Primarily for small batches of aluminum components, our 25 gallon anodizing tank can take pieces up to maximum surface area of 160 in². We have three color options in stock: black, red, and gold. Other color options are available on request.


High performance TIG welding of all types of metals, from the thinnest sheet metal to heavy gauge structural beams. We have a custom built welding table which allows us to build complex motorcycle frames as well as simple fabrication projects to a tolerance of 0.012”/3ft.


Just recently added to the labs is a small bed (12" x 8") 40W CO₂ laser cutting machine. Capable of cutting paper, cardboard, thin plywood, and sheet acrylic to an accuracy of 0.001". It also can be used to etch previously anodized aluminum parts.


We have a fabulous English wheel and can form complex curves up to 40” wide. That, and a 30” sheet metal brake and shear, means we can handle simple fabrication to elaborate bodywork construction.

SHOP RATE: $100/hour

We charge a simple flat rate for work throughout SIN Motolabs. Whether it is routine service work on a motorcycle, or CADCAM time, through to CNC machining, everything is $100/hour.

​Here are some examples of rates for standard motorcycle service work:

​Oil Change: $50 (excluding oil & filter)

Tire Mount & Balance: $100/on bike $50/off bike per wheel

Lace & True Wire Wheels: $180/wheel

Carburetor cleaning: $100/per carburetor body

Chain & Sprocket Replacement: $150

Pre-trip Inspection: $50

Pre-purchase report: $75​

Minor Service: $150

Medium Service: $240

Major Service: $415

Ducati Specific Services:

Replace Belts Only: $100

Valve Adjust: $295

6000/7500 Service: $780

12000/15000 Service: $950

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